Three Knots Every Woodsman Should Know (Part 1 of 5)

Roll of Paracord

If you’ve read even a few of the posts here on, you probably already know that I’m obsessed with 550 cord (parachute cord with 550 pounds of tensile strength), consisting of a woven outer shell and typically seven inner strands (you can even read my post about its usefulness here.)  I use it for everything.  I use 550 cord to tie tarps over my campsites when it rains.  I use 550 cord to tie my dry box (and sometimes my children) onto my canoe.  I use it to tie clotheslines, dummy cords, and for anything and everything else I can think of when outdoors.  It goes without saying – I recommend that every woodsman, dad, homeowner, man, woman, and child purchase as much 550 cord as their budgets allow.

Regardless of whether you’re 550 cord–crazy like me or if you just need to tie…

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